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 As retail packaging specialist,4GiftBox specialize in manufacturing and wholesale gift boxes,luxury gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,kraft gift boxes,rigid boxes,foldable boxes,collapsible rigid boxes.We also manufacture  paper bags,non woven bags,we provide full solution for retail packaging and gift packaging. All gift boxes,rigid boxes,paper bags,non woven bags at 4GiftBox are made of recyclable material,great as eco friendly packaging products. 4GiftBox create eco friendly and high quality paper bags,non woven bags and gift boxes for your business,that are available in any size,any color,any shape to meet your requirement and budget exactly.

If you are looking for quality retail packaging and gift packaging products such as paper shopping bags,kraft shopping bags,Euro tote bags,non woven shopping bags,paper promotional bags,non woven promotional bags,rigid boxes,foldable boxes,4GiftBox is right place for you to select them.And we are confident that you will find the right paper bags,non woven bags,gift boxes within your budget. 4GiftBox provide an attractive retail packaging and gift packaging option for your business.

4GiftBox wholesale gift boxes,including luxury gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,kraft gift boxes,nested gift boxes,gamble gift boxes,e flute gift boxes,wine boxes,apparel boxes and more.Those gift boxes come in so many popular sizes to fit any occasion,great for gift packaging and retail packaging.We can imprint custom logo on gift boxes.

Custom Made Rigid Boxes | Retail Boxes

4GiftBox specialize in manufacturing custom made gift boxes,retail boxes including rigid boxes,set up boxes,foldable boxes,foldable rigid boxes,collapsible rigid boxes.Those boxes are made of quality recyclable material coming in any size,shape and color.

Paper Shopping Bags

4GiftBox is manufacturer of paper bags,we manufacture and wholesale paper shopping bags,laminated paper bags,luxury paper bags,euro tote bags,paper carrier bags,kraft paper bags,brown paper bags,white paper bags.All bags at 4GiftBox are customized coming in any size,shape and color.When you are looking for paper bags,4GiftBox is good place!

  Laminated paper bags are made of high quality coated paper,laminated with glossy or matt opp film,fitted with rope handle,die cut handles,ribbon handle, and reinforced card board at turn top and basement.Laminated paper bags can offer the best printing effect,class touch,durable capability,they are perfect choice as luxury bags or promotional bags for business. 4GiftBox specialize in manufacturing laminated paper bags at great competitive pricing,no minimum quantity. Detail information please go << Laminated Paper Bags >>        

 Quality luxury paper bags are great to present business and product for branding and marketing,luxury paper bags will add more value to business to support brand.As luxury paper bags manufacturer,4GiftBox specialize in manufacturing quality luxury paper bags made from wide variety of material,print,finishes,handle to fit the demand of high end retail packaging products.When you are looking for luxury paper bags,please go << Luxury Paper Bags >>

 If you are looking for elegant and luxurious shopper,Euro Tote Paper Bags are perfect choice.As Euro tote paper bags manufacturer,4GiftBox can produce quality Euro tote paper bags and print your custom logo,photographic image on Euro tote paper bags.No minimum order quantity,top quality,cheap price are advantages to buy Euro tote paper bags from 4GiftBox. More information please go Euro Tote Paper Bags

4GiftBox specialize in manufacturing Personalized paper bags  including personalized paper bags with special paper,trapezoid shape paper bags,paper bags with inside printing.Those personalized paper bags are great as promotional tool for               business event,products launches,sale campaign.Detail information please go                  Personalized Paper Bags

Kraft Paper Bags are 100% eco friendly,they are versatile to fit different ends.As kraft paper bags manufacturer,4GiftBox specialize in manufacturing kraft carrier bags,kraft shopping bags,brown kraft paper bags,white kraft paper bags--all are custom made to meet your demand at green shopper or promotional bags.

Brown paper bags are made of brown kraft paper,because brown kraft paper have following characteristic:100% recyclable,100% bio-degradable,cheap,brown paper bags are eco friendly and economy. Brown kraft bags have become more and more popular. 4GiftBox specialize in manufacturing brown paper bags that are available in any size,color and shape to fit the demand at cheap green retail packaging.

White paper bags offer more choice for business to get elegant, green shopping bags,White kraft paper bags are made from white kraft paper that is recyclable and bio-degradable --same as brown kraft paper but offer good printing effecting,great as  promotional tool for  branding and marketing. 4GiftBox specialize in manufacturing quality white kraft paper bags including twisted handles white kraft bags,flat paper handles white paper bags,luxury white kraft bags at great cheap pricing,coming in any size,shape and color to fit any ends.

white kraft paper bags

4GiftBox wholesale wide range of paper gift bags including luxury paper bags,laminated paper gift bags,brown paper gift bags,white paper gift bags coming in many materials,sizes,colors,shapes and designs to fit any occasion. Paper Gift Bags at 4GiftBox are perfect choice as gift packaging. 

Non Woven Bags are made of non woven polypropylene that is 100% recyclable and 100% degradable,also very durable, so non woven bags are the best choice as eco friendly shopping bags and reusable shopping bags. 4GiftBox specialize in manufacturing quality non woven bags including non woven shopping bags,non woven promotional bags,non woven tote bags,non woven suit cover that come in any size,color to fit any occasion. 



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4GiftBox manufacture and wholesale gift boxes,rigid boxes,foldable boxes,foldable gift bags,paper bags,kraft paper bags.

4GiftBox Wholesale Rigid Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are favored by so many business and personal,when they present gifts,sell products,gift boxes are great packaging solution,because gift boxes offer not only good protection for inside package,but also add more value.

Gift boxes have many variety,including luxury gift boxes,rigid gift boxes,nested gift boxes,kraft gift boxes,pop up gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,gable gift boxes,e flute gift boxes and more.Rigid gift boxes are the most popular. Rigid gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board to build strong construction,wrapped by various paper for personalized looking,coming in any size,shape and design,if you are looking for high end packaging products,rigid gift boxes are perfect choice.

Where to buy quality and cheap rigid gift boxes? 4GiftBox wholesale wide range of rigid gift boxes.At 4GiftBox,rigid gift boxes come in different shapes such as square,rectangle,round,or so many  sizes to fit different ends.We design,manufacture and wholesale quality rigid gift boxes, we have great resource to get material to build and manufacture rigid gift boxes with low price, it is the reason why 4GiftBox can wholesale rigid gift boxes with cheap price.

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4GiftBox Wholesale Foldable Gift Boxes

Foldable gift boxes have become popular,because as collapsible rigid gift boxes,foldable gift boxes have elegant looking,quality feeling,strong construction,but foldable gift boxes can come in flat to save space and freight.

As gift boxes wholesaler,4GiftBox design,manufacture,stock and wholesale foldable gift boxes.Those gift boxes come in many popular sizes,colors with different wrapped paper for high class finishes.

4GiftBox can print custom logo on foldable gift boxes for your branding,when you are looking for cheap foldable gift boxes,and want to print your logo on boxes,contact with 4GiftBox http://www.4giftbox.net

As collapsible rigid gift boxes,foldable gift boxes have strong construction,elegant looking,luxurious appearance,great for retail packaging and gift packaging,importantly foldable gift boxes are flat during storage and transport that can save space and freight,and easy to assemble into rigid gift boxes when use.It is the reason why foldable gift boxes have become popular now.

Posted 11 weeks ago