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Brown Kraft Bags | Brown Paper Bags 

Brown paper bags have become popular because brown paper bags are not only recyclable,reusable, but also very cheap. As eco friendly shopping bags and reusable shopping bags, brown paper bags are made of recyclable brown kraft paper,even recycled material. Brown Paper bags at 4GiftBox are made by auto machine or hand to fit different run. Those brown paper bags are available in any size,any colour and any shape,huge selections of  printing,handle,finishes to build personalized brown kraft bags.Brown Paper bags are the most cost effective and green way to carry goods  as well as promote business brand. How to get cheap brown paper bags, 4GiftBox will offer wide range of items from below to build your brown paper bags for your business.

  •  made of brown kraft paper,brown recycled kraft paper,brown ribbed kraft paper
  • paper weight range from 80g,100g,120g,140g,150g to 180g
  • twisted handle is available in any color to match bag or logo
  • custom made,twisted handle brown kraft bags are available in any size
  • custom logo printing,any color can be printed on bags
  • short run is available
  • guaranteed cheap price,high quality

  • Material: brown kraft paper--80g,90g,100g,120g,130g,150g,180g; recycled kraft paper: 80g,100g,120g;  ribbed brown kraft paper: 120g,140g
  • Handle:flat paper handle,made of recycled kraft paper,any color is available to match bag or logo's color,custom logo can be printed on flat paper handle to create personalized handle for branding
  • Printing: pantone color printing,cmyk color printing,inside printing,no limit of printing area
  • Finishes: hot stamping,varnish coating,UV varnish
  • Size:any size is available
  • Qty: we provide machine made flat handle brown kraft paper bags to suit large volume order, and we also have hand made flat handle brown kraft paper for small order--even if you just need 250 pcs flat handle brown kraft paper bags with custom printing

  • made of brown kraft paper,recycled brown kraft paper,ribbed kraft paper
  • paper grammage options include 80g,90g,100g,120g,140g,150g,180g,200g
  • custom made(bespoke paper bags),available in any size and shape
  • offset printing can print any color on brown kraft paper bags
  • handles options include twisted handles,flat handles,pp rope handles,cotton rope handles,die cut handles,ribbon handles and more
  • no minimum order quantity
As brown paper bags manufacturer, 4GiftBox offer high quality brown paper bags that are made by machine or by hand. So we have no minimum order quantity, if you want brown paper bags with custom logo,4GiftBox is right place to get them even if you just need hundreds.Meanwhile 4GiftBox wholesale wide variety of brown paper gift bags coming in many size and design to fit any ends.Contact US now to get your brown paper bags.

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Paper option for brown kraft paper bags 

Paper: Brown paper bags are made from brown kraft paper--which is recyclable and recycled, paper grammage range from 80g,100g,120g,150g,180g to 200g to fit different ends. brown kraft paper are very sturdy that can make brown paper bags very durable to become reusable shopping bags

Printing option for brown kraft paper bags 

Printing: Brown paper bags are available in any colour--offset printing to print CMYK or Pantone colour.Printed brown Paper Bags can promote your business in most cost effective and green ways.
printed paper bags

Handle Option for brown kraft paper bags 

Handle: 4GiftBox offer vast handle options including twisted paper handle,flat paper handle,die cutting handle,ribbon handle,and more to fit on brown kraft paper bags, that is great help to create personalized brown paper bags for business. Those handle cover different cost range to fit different budget.Such as brown paper bags with twisted paper handle are very cheap,and brown paper bags with ribbon look more elegant too.Those handle can match any color.And die cut handles are available in any shape.
brown paper bags with handle

Finishes option for brown kraft paper bags 

Finishes: Although brown paper bags are economy shopping bags,there are many finishes selections for finishes processes,finish options include hot stamping,embossing,uv spot varnish,varnish to highlight business brand or pattern to get the best promotional effect in most cost-effective and green way.


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