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Foldable boxes have become popular,they are favored by so many business because foldable boxes combine the advantage of rigid boxes and folding boxes together--strong construction to protect any products,elegant looking to add more value to high end products,folding style to save space and freight. As foldable boxes manufacturer,4GiftBox design and manufacture custom made foldable boxes including foldable rigid boxes,collapsible rigid boxes that are made by customer's specification to fit their products exactly and support brand.Most custom made foldable boxes at 4GiftBox come in with hinged lids style,--with or without flap,covered by different wrap paper,and finished with offset printing,hot stamping,embossing,uv spot varnish.With huge selections of material,printing,finishes process,it is easy to create foldable boxes to have more luxurious and elegant looking,durable and sturdy construction,with custom printing for branding and marketing.The foldable boxes at 4GiftBox come in following specification:

  • made by high quality chipboard to ensure foldable box sturdy and strong.paper board weight range from 800g,1000g,1200g,1500g,2000g
  • wrapped by different paper such as art paper,un-coated kraft paper,recycled paper,special paper
wrapped paper options for foldable boxes
  • any size is available to fit different products.
  • offset printing to print any color and fine art work on wrapped paper to display and enhance business brand.
  • huge finishes options including matt or glossy lamination,hot stamping,embossing,debossing,uv spot varnish that can highlight business brand to add more value to business
printing and print finish for foldable boxes
  • closure options include  magnetic closure,ribbon closure ,snap closure,velcro closure to make foldable boxes close firmly
  • easy to assemble when use!whether it is sideway folding or corners folding
  • Custom Foldable boxes make the perfect wedding or baby keepsake, presentation or hamper gift box. Ideal for glassware, cosmetic,medicine,beauty products, lingerie and bridal gifts.
  • Inserts including foam,EVA,die cut paperboard,silk ribbon and more are available to hold product safely
  • short run is available.No minimum order quantity
custom insert for foldable boxes

1 Foldable Rigid Boxes With Sideway Folding

foldable rigid boxes

 1.1 Custom Made Foldable Rigid Boxes --made of heavyweight quality paper board,,wrapped by 157g art paper with matt lamination and custom printing inside and outside box,ribbon closure, folding sideway with movable base,double stick on bottom of board to fix them together when use.very easy to assemble into rigid boxes,great as high end retail boxes to support business brand.

collapsible rigid boxes

 1.2 Custom Made Collapsible Rigid Boxes--made of 1500g paper board,covered by 157g art paper with matt lamination,solid color printing with custom logo,concealed magnetic closure,folding sideway to come in flat and easy to assemble into rigid boxes when fix base with sticky.The benefit of this collapsible rigid boxes is that it offer strong protection,elegant looking,quality feel to add more value to business.

foldable rigid boxes

1.3 Custom Made Foldable Rigid Boxes-made of 1200g paper board,covered by art paper with matt lamination,custom printing,ribbon closure,folding sideway 

fcollapsible rigid boxes

1.4 Custom Made Collapsible Rigid Boxes--made of 1200g paper board,covered by 157g art paper,with custom printing,ribbon closure to add more luxurious feel,folding sideway,easy to assemble into rigid box to glue baseboard together when use. 

2 Foldable Rigid Boxes With Folding Corners 

foldable rigid boxes

2.1 Custom made foldable rigid boxes--made of 1200g paper board,covered by 157g art paper-popular wrap paper to offer the best printing and lamination effect for branding and marketing,two pantone colors printing for custom logo,magnetic closure,folding corner to make box flat during storage and transport,easy to glue corners together to build rigid boxes when use.

foldable luxury boxes

 2.2 Custom made foldable luxury retail boxes--made of quality paper board,covered by foil paper to offer luxurious and distinctive looking,custom logo printed on lid,ribbon closure to add more luxurious feel,folding at corners and easy to assemble into rigid boxes,great as luxury retail boxes for high value products.

2.3 Foldable Rigid Boxes--made of 1000g paper board,covered by art paper with matt lamination,cmyk full color to display business information and image,folding at corners to make box flat in storage to save space and easy to assemble into rigid boxes. 

collapsible rigid boxes

2.4 Collapsible Rigid Boxes--made of quality chipboard,wrapped by art paper with matt lamination,custom printing,concealed magnetic closure in flap lid,folding corners,easy to assemble into rigid boxes to offer strong protection 

2.5 Foldable Kraft Boxes-made of recycled paper board,wrapped by kraft paper to build 100% recyclable boxes,custom printing logo to present business in green way,folding corner ,easy to assemble into eco friendly retail boxes

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