Non Woven Bags

As reusable shopping bags and eco friendly shopping bags,non woven bags have become popular. More and more owners of business or stores do like to select non woven bags as shopper to provide their customer to show how  they take care our environment. 4GiftBox offer wide variety of non woven bags|green bags to meet increase of the requirement for eco friendly shopping bags, those non woven bags at 4GiftBox include grocery bags,messenger bags,shopping bags,promotional bags,drawstring bags,wine bottle bags,boutique bags,tote bags,folding bags

Promotional Bags Trade Show Bags

non woven bags
Promotional bags are designed to promote business brand and products through industry trade shows. They are promotional bags that are made from eco-friendly material and are an extraordinary alternative to plastic bags. Promotional bags are eco-friendly and reflect your company brand and presence in the market. Promotional bags are given as free gifts to either the participants in the industry trade shows or to the entire visitors as a promotional venture to upgrade and popularize their brand.

Non Woven Shopping Bags

shopping bags
Non Woven Bags are the best selection as shopping bags  that are available in any size,shape and colour .Eyelet and pvc board are usually inserted into shopping bags to add strength to carry safely.

Non Woven Foldable Bags

foldable bags

Foldable Bags that can be fold away into a  purse shape  are small and handy to carry as per convenience and requirement of the customer. 4GiftBox  specialize in manufacturing Non-Woven Foldable Bags that are portable and light weight. 4GiftBox design intricate Foldable Bags in different shapes and colours combination that are attractive and good looking. Non Woven Foldable Bags at 4GiftBox  are compact and serve the purpose of the end user.

Non Woven Drawstring Bags

drawstring bags
Non Woven Drawstring bags are popular because its multipurpose usage. Drawstring bags are best suited for stationary shape,show shops and students.Drawstring bags are so flexible to carry anywhere you like.As non woven bags manufacturer,4GiftBox offer drawstring bags in any shape,colour,size and prints that can meet any customer's requirement.

Non Woven Wine Bags

wine bags
Non Woven Bags are the best selection as wine bottle carry because its durability.In order to carry wine glass bottle safely,handle can be stitched down to the base and paper card , pvc board even dividers can be instered into non woven wine bags to add strength to carry bottle safely.

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