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Handle Options For Paper Shopping Bags

The primary purpose of paper shopping bags is to transit small objects from one place to another safely, so handle is necessary part of paper shopping bags. There are many selections of handles for laminated paper bags,options include PP rope handle,Cotton rope  handle,die cutting handle,ribbon handle,PVC tube handle and more. Those handle can match any color on laminated paper bags to make bags more elegant feeling and looking.Those handles cover different cost range that can meet budget requirement--from cheap PP rope to expensive ribbon handle.
4GiftBox offer wide selections of handles to fit on paper shopping bags to meet your requirement on quality and budget,those handle are available in any length --from standard 45 cm to shoulder 100 cm. 

handle options for paper bags

PP Rope Handle For Paper Shopping Bags

paper shopping bags with handle
PP rope handle is made from polypropylene, come in different diameter from 3 mm to 8 mm and can be dyed into any color to match paper shopping bags or business brand's. As colorful and cheap handles,PP rope handles is the most popular to fit on paper shopping bags and luxury paper bags. At 4GiftBox, standard PP rope is dia 6 mm and 50 cm length. Of course custom made paper bags are available in any dia and length of PP rope to meet customer's requirement. The more length and thick PP rope handle is, the higher cost paper bags will be.
  • PP rope is available in any color to match brand or bag
  • the dia of pp rope handle range from 3 mm to 9 mm,standard dia is 5 mm
  • Standard length at 4PaperBags is 45 cm
  • Shoulder length at 4PaperBags is 100 cm

Cotton Rope Handle For Paper Shopping Bags

paper shopping bags with handle
Cotton handle is made from cotton fabric , coming in different diameter, and can be dyed into any color. Cotton handle offer more comfortable feeling to convey paper shopping bags.Usually cost of cotton handle is higher than PP rope handle.
  • Cotton rope handle is available in any color if qty is more than 5000 pcs
  • the dia of cotton handle range from 3 mm to 9 mm,standard dis is 5 mm
  • Standard length is 45 cm

Die Cut Handle For Paper Shopping Bags

paper shopping bags with die cutting handle

Die cutting handle provide funny way to convey paper shopping bags.Die cutting handle is punched by die plate on paper shopping bags, Die Cutting Handle is available in any shape such as square,round,oval and more--any shape as you desire. Because die cutting handle is punched on paper bags, it just need die plate,so cost of die cutting handle is very low,and in order to keep die cutting handle sturdy enough,reinforced paper board will be glued on handle area.

luxury paper bags with die cut handle

luxury paper bags with round shape die cut handles,full color printing.Die cut handle is available any shape.

paper gift bags with die cut handles

luxury gift bags with die cut handles,flap lid,uv pattern,elegant looking 

die cut handles luxury paper bags

die cut handles luxury paper bags with special shape and hot stamping logo 

luxury paper bag with die cut handle

luxury paper bags with die cut handles,reinforced paper board at top area with eyelets to add more strength to handles,embossing logo 

Ribbon Handle For Paper Shopping Bags

Luxury Paper Bags With Ribbon Handle.
Ribbon Handles are perfect for luxury paper bags,because ribbon handles offer not only comfortable handling feeling,but also luxurious looking,even customers logo can be printed on ribbon handles to create personalized paper bags for branding.
Ribbon handle have many variety include double side satin ribbon,single side satin ribbon,grosgrain ribbon,organza ribbon,cotton tape ribbon and more. Ribbon handle are available in any color to match bag, and custom brand can be printing on ribbon to make handle more special to promote business brand. Any paper shopping bags with ribbon handle add more elegant and luxurious

Luxury Paper Bags With Grosgrain Ribbon Handle And Inside Printing

This luxury paper bags are made from 190g card paper ,with matt lamination,solid color printing, 40mm width grosgrain ribbon inserted into turn top.

Laminated Paper Bags With Grosgrain Ribbon Handle And Full Color Custom Printing

This laminated paper bags is made from 190g card paper,with glossy lamination,featured with colored ribbon handle to match bags color,CMYK color+pantone color printing together.

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As paper bags manufacturer,4GiftBox specialized in manufacturing full range of paper shopping bags including laminated paper bags, kraft paper bags that come in a wide variety of material,size,color,shape and design.

laminated paper bags are main line at 4GiftBox, those laminated paper bags are made from high quality art paper laminated with matt or glossy opp film,featured with rope handle,ribbon handle or die cutting handle. The advantage of laminated paper bags is that they can print any art work and design perfectly.It is the reason why laminated paper bags are chosen as promotional bags,Meanwhile there are many finishes process can be used onto lamination to enhance awareness of printed element, finishes process include hot stamping,uv spot varnish,embossing and more. With those finishes process and matching handle,laminated paper bags will look more elegant even stunning to impress customers to get promotional purpose.

Laminated paper bags at 4GiftBox are hand made to ensure high quality. In fact high quality laminated paper bags add style to a customer's purchase and leave a lasting impression.High quality laminated paper bags are also an opportunity to cement your business brand identity. It is important the quality of your laminated paper bags inspires confidence in your business. 4GiftBox is your reliable supplier and manufacturer of laminated paper bags to create high quality laminated paper bags to present your business the best.

Our range of flat handle paper bags are one of our most popular products available. The large surface area of their sides enable vast amounts of space allowing them to be custom printed to promote your company message. The simple design of handle enables for comfort holding for the consumer as well as a feel and look. Our paper bag range are available with a choice of differing handles including PP rope handles,cotton rope handles,ribbon handles,die cut handles,pvc tube handles,metal handles and more.

All of our bags are designed with strength and durability in mind to enable the bags to be re-used which will reduce the need for regular purchase which in turn lowers the need to manufacture bulk quantities which reduces the amount of trees needed to produce the products. They are also 100% recyclable which equates to an eco-friendly alternative to one-time use polythene and plastic carrier bags for instance.


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